Task 37 Meeting in Linköping, Sweden in October 2022

In October 2022 the Task meeting took place in Linköping, Sweden, within the Nordic Biogas Conference. IEAB Task 37 was given the opportunity to present the task and selected results of the work during the plenary session titled “A resilient, circular and biobased economy”. The presentation “Integration of biogas systems into the energy system” was held by Jan Liebetrau. The Swedish biogas sector is focussed on utilization of waste and residues for anaerobic digestion and the biogas is used within the transportation sector. Thus, the conference was accompanied by a exhibition of vehicles running on compressed and liquified methane and the tour led to a biogas plant providing compressed and liquified biomethane to local busses and trucks for heavy duty haulage. The conference itself emphasized on the sustainability of biogas production and utilization. The “Nordic model” for biogas production and utilization considers not only the contribution to energy supply. There is more to biogas as it -amongst others- supports recycling of nutrients, reduces air pollution, improves water quality and soil fertility. For a comprehensive assessment of the technology these effects need to be reflected by means of multicriteria analysis.

The upcoming task meeting is to be held from the 9th -11th of May in Bangalore, India accompanied by a workshop focussing on economics of the biogas production and utilization process.

Download presentation Mats Eklund on IEAB Task Meeting

Download presentation Jan Liebetrau on NBC 2022

Download presentation Biogas implementation in India given on IEAB Task 37 meeting