Co-digestion for an optimized production of biogas and fertilizer

17 Apr, 2008
Location: South Shropshire, Biowaste Digester, The Buisness Park, Ludlow, UK
Task 37


The workshop was organised as a joint session between the IEA Bioenergy Task 37 working group «Energy from Biogas and Landfill Gas» and «Probiogas UK»


Program (PDF 20 KB)




The contribution of AD in delivering renewable energy and the rôle of IEA Bioenergy Task 37 (PDF 2200 KB)
Arthur Wellinger, Nova Energie, Switzerland


Anaerobic Digestion: the UK Policy Framework (PDF 66 KB)
Jeremy Eppel, defra, UK


Impact of competition claims for food and energy on Germany biogas production (PDF 2500 KB)
Peter Weiland, Federal Research Institut for Rural Areas, Foresty and Fisheries, Germany


Results of 41 Co-digestion Digestion Plants in Austria (PDF 2200 KB)
Rudolf Braun and Roland Kirchmayr, IFA-Tulln, Austria


Co-digestion in Västeras and Kristianstad (PDF 4800 KB)
Anneli Petersson, SGC, Sweden


Ludlow Food Waste Digester (PDF 4100 KB)
Michael Chesshire, Greenfinch, UK


Developing a Quality Protocol for Anaerobic Digestion (PDF 940 KB)
Nina Sweet, wrap, UK


Digestate/biofertiliser in the UK (PDF 550 KB)
Clare T. Lukehurst, Probiogas, UK


Biogas and a Vehicle Fuel (PDF 1400 KB)
Tevor Fletcher, The Hardstaff Group, UK


Digestate utilisation and Management (PDF 2100 KB)
Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, sdu, Denmark