International Biogas Seminar Den Bosch

04 Nov, 2010
Location: Den Bosch, The Netherlands
Task 37


Task 37 Energy from Biogas: A Brief Summary (PDF 550 KB)
David Baxter, European Commission Joint Research Center, The Netherlands


From residues to natural gas (PDF 1400 KB)
Suiker Unie, Project «Plant and Planet», The Netherlands


Biomethane feed-in and distribution: daily practice (PDF 1600 KB)
Albert van der Molen, Chairman «Project group biomethane», Netbeheer, The Netherlands


Swedish Biogas Approach for a Greener Transport Sector (PDF 1400 KB)
Dr. Anneli Petersson, Svenskt Gastekniskt Center AB, Sweden


Government policy in biogas (PDF 470 KB)
Erik Eijkelberg, The Netherlands


Biogasproduction in agriculture and manure policy (PDF 90 KB)
Erik Mulleneers, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, The Netherlands


Biogas (PDF 80 KB)
Esther Hardi, Alliander, Germany


Biogas and Natural Gas Grids – Problems and Regulations for the Grid Access (PDF 130 KB)
Dr. Gerrit Volk, German Federal Network for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway, Germany


Agriculture is part of the solution (PDF 770 KB)
Hans Huijbers, Chairman of the ZLTO, The Netherlands


The Green Injection – into the existing gas grid of Endinet or GTS (PDF 280 KB)
Henk Kluytmans, Manager Projecten & Engineering, Rick Donders, Asset Management, Endinet, The Netherlands


Biomethane Injection: Outlook from a grid controller perspective (PDF 190 KB)
Peter Beumers, Project Group «Groen Gras», Netbeheer, The Netherlands


Utilisation of digestate as fertiliser – a common pratice in Denmark (PDF 130 KB)
Teodorita Al Seadi, Principal Scientist, Denmark