Workshops and Seminars of Task 37

IEA Task 37 LUKE Workshop: Circular Economy in the Food System

Location: Jyvaskyla, Finland
Date: March 8th 2018

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IEA Bioenergy Task 37: Overview of Task 37 Activities
Jerry D. Murphy, Task Leader - IEA Task 37

Circular economy in relation with biogas
Mathieu Dumont, Senior Consultant, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

Visions for improving circular economy in the food system in Finland
Sirpa Kurppa, Research Professor, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

How to combine insect farming with a biogas processes?
Jan Liebetrau, Head of Department for Biochemical Conversion an Head of Work group for Process biology at DBFZ, Germany

Circwaste-project – catalyzing actions towards circular economy in Central Finland
Outi Pakarinen, Project Manager, Regional Council of Central Finland

IEA Bioenergy Webinar 2018: Methane Emissions from Biogas Plants

IEA Bioenergy Webinar Series
Date: January 18rd 2018

Methane Emissions from Biogas Plants
Methods for measurement, results and effect on
greenhouse gas balance of electricity produced
Jan Liebetrau, Alessandro Agostini and Jerry D Murphy


Recorded webinar:


IEA Task 37 Workshop Biogas Externalities

Location: Esbjerg, Denmark
Date: September 14th 2017

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Germany, joint meeting with Inter Baltic Biogas Arena (IBBA)

Location: Poznan, Poland;
Date: August 23rd 2017

Program and all presentations and abstracts:


IEA Task 37 Workshop Biogas (NLD)

 Task 37 Biogas Group Photo 5-7apr2017

Location: Vlijmen, The Netherlands
Date: April 6th 2017

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Block 1: Grid injection of Biomethane

Task 37 Work Programme and Green Gas
Prof Jerry D Murphy, Task 37 Leader and Irish team leader, Director of MaREI (Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy), University College Cork, Ireland

Challenges of a gridoperator in the development of a biomethane market 
Pieter Mans, Senior Innovation Manager, Liander, and Chairman Expert Group "New Gases" of Netbeheer Nederland (Grid operators of NL)

Block 2: Innovations in the Biomethane market

Flexibilisation of biogas plants and impact on the grid operation
Dr. Jan Liebetrau, Head of Biochemical Conversion Department, DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum (DBFZ German Biomass Research Center), Leipzig; German team leader Task 37

Best practices and new developments in Biogas upgrading
Niels den Heijer, Product Manager CO2 & Biogas Systems, Pentair Process Technologies Haffmans

IEA Task 37 Session at Bioenergy Australia Conference 2016

 Task 37 Biogas Group Photo 18 nov 2016

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Date: November 15th 2016
Session chair: Jerry Murphy

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Biogas in the circular economy
Clare Lukehurst OBE, United Kingdom; British team leader task 37

The Role Of Biogas In Supporting Intermittent Renewable Electricity
Prof Jerry D Murphy, Director of MaREI (Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy), University College Cork, Ireland; Task 37 Leader and Irish team leader

IEA Bioenergy - Task 37 Energy from Biogas: Knowledge Sharing Opportunities For Australia During The 2016-2018 triennium
Dr. Bernadette McCabe, Nation Centre for Engineering in Agriculture, USQ; Australian team leader task 37

Biomethane Market Potential - Opportunities And Challenges Ahead
Dr. Mattias Svensson, Energiforsk - Swedish Energy Research Centre, Malmö, Sweden, Swedish team leader task 37

Monitoring And Process Control Of Biogas Plants
Dr. Günther Bochmann, IFA-Tulln (Institute for Environmental Biotechnology), BOKU (University of Natural Resources and Life Science), Tulln; Austrian team leader task 37

Resource Recovery Via Distributed Biogas Production
Dr. Saija Rasi, Bio-based Business and Industry, Natural Resources Institute (Luke), Jyväskylä; Finnish team leader task 37

IBBA Workshop 2016

IBBA Workshop logo

Location: Esbjerg, Denmark;

Date: August 25th 2016

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The workshop was supported by Task 37. The topics covered were Pretreatment of Cellulosic Feedstocks, Economizing Biogas Production, Sustainable Biomass and Cheap Carbon Sources.

Welcome to the Inter Baltic Biogas Arena Workshop
Prof. Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, Center for Bioenergy and Green Engineering, Aalborg Univ., Denmark
Prof. Frank Scholwin, Institute for Biogas, Waste Management & Energy, Germany

Sustainable biomass substrates: Potentials and perspectives in Europe. Low cost feedstocks – challenges and solutions 1
Dr. Ane Katharina P. Meyer, post doc, Dept. of Energy Technology, Aalborg University – Esbjerg campus, Denmark

Low cost feedstocks for biogas plants – challenges and solutions 2
Dr. Ass. Prof. Piotr Oleskowicz-Popiel, Institute of Environmental Engineering, Poznan Univ. of Technology (PUT), Poland

Aquatic Biomass for biogas plants – realistic substrate source or an academic idea – including full scale experience from Solrød Biogas ltd
Ass. Prof. Rikke Lybaek , Department of Humans and Technology, Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark

Grass and grass-legume biomass as biogas substrate – environmental and economic sustainability at different cultivation intensities
Thomas Prade, Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Dept. of Biosystems and technology, Sweden

Analysis and Optimization of Energy Flows in existing Biogas Plants for improved economic performance
Thomas Knauer, Ingenieurbüro für Energietechnik Niebüll / University Rostock, Germany

Energy from Biogas Workshop (UK)

 task 37 Biogas workshop Agrivert fieldtrip 14apr2016

Location:George Hotel, Wallingford, UK;
Date: April 14th 2016

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IEA Bioenergy Task 37 Energy from biogas – An overview
Prof Jerry D Murphy, Task 37 Leader, University College Cork, Ireland

Monitoring biogas plants - An overview of methods and application to industry 
Günther Bochmann, BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Vienna, Austria

Financial implications of  process management and monitoring
Harry Waters, Commercial Director Agrivert Ltd. UK

The psychology of small scale AD
Dr Clare Lukehurst OBE, IEA Task 37, UK

Small scale technology needs of tropical countries
Prof. Bernadette McCabe, University of South Queensland, Australia

IEA Bioenergy 2015 Conference - Biogas Session

Location: Berlin, Germany;
Date: October 28th 2015

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Session on "Biogas integration in sustainable energy systems"

Sustainable Resource Management and Energy from Organic Wastes
Charles Banks, University of Southampton, UK

A perspective on algal biogas
Jerry Murphy, University College Cork, Ireland
Bernhard Drosg, BOKU-University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Austria

Possibilities for biogas in electricity grid balancing
Jan Liebetrau, German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ), Germany

Biomethane production and gas grid injection - Dutch experience and examples
Mathieu Dumont, Netherlands Enterprise Agency,Utrecht, The Netherlands

Overall Conference Conclusions
Realising the world's sustainable bioenergy potential

IBBA Workshop 2015

IBBA Workshop logo

Location: Malmö, Sweden;

Date: September 10th 2015

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The workshop was supported by Task 37. The theme, "Pretreatment of lignocellulosic substrates for biogas production", is related to recent IEA publications, e.g. "Nutrient Recovery by Biogas Digestate Processing"

Welcome to the Inter Baltic Biogas Arena
Dr. Mattias Svensson, Energiforsk
Prof. Frank Scholwin, Institute for Biogas

Keynote: Pretreatment of feedstock for enhanced biogas production
Dr. Günther Bochmann, BOKU University and IEA Bioenergy Task 37, Austria

Disintegration technologies – Impacts on biogas process and profitability
Dr. Britt Schumacher, German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ), Germany

Smart Instruments for Biogas Experts
Alberto Benavides Cantú, Bioprocess Control, Sweden

Tekniska verken R&D Biogas
Sören Nilsson-Påledal, Tekniska Verken i Linköping, Sweden

Co-digestion of sewage sludge and municipal biowaste with thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment
Mats Edström, JTI - Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Sweden

Sense and no-sense of pretreatment for increasing biogas yields
Prof. Hinrich Uellendahl, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark

The efficiency of conversion of cattle manure into biogas by the use of chosen physical pretreatment methods at the pilot scale
Mariusz Dubicki, University of Warmia and Mazury, Centre for Renewable Energy Research, Poland

IEA Session at GGROS 2015

GGROS logo

IEA Session at Green Gas Research Outlook Sweden 2015

Location: Örnsköldsvik, Sweden;

Date: March 23-25th 2015

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Programme leaflet of GGROS 2015, including participant list

In connection to the Spring meeting in Sweden, a special IEA task 37 session was organized in the Swedish conference GGROS 2015. 8 of the task members participated - their lectures and poster presentations are made available here. For all the other presentations, go to the conference homepage.

IEA special Session
Session chair: David Baxter, European Commission - JRC

David Baxter
Overview of IEA Bioenergy Task 37 


Bernhard Drosg, BOKU University, Vienna
Digestate processing, existing technologies and ongoing development


Cícero Jayme Bley Jr, ITAIPU Binacional
Biogas development in Brazil


Charles Banks, University of Southampton
Food waste digestion in UK, experiences and ongoing development

Oral presentation held by IEA task 37 delegate Ho Kang from Chungnam National University:


In-situ Methane Enrichment System Coupled with Mesophilic Anaerobic Plug Flow Reactor and External CO2 Stripper

Poster presentations held by IEA delegates:


Evaluation of the French biomethane production from WWTP, Olivier Theobald, ADEME
Short presentation/Poster


Biogas potential in Australia: Environmental and techno-economic considerations, Bernadette McCabe, University of Southern Queensland
Short presentation/Poster

Germany, joint meeting with Inter Baltic Biogas Arena (IBBA)

Location: Kiel, Germany;
Date: September 4th 2014

Program and all presentations and abstracts:


Brazil joint meeting with CIBiogas

Location: Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil;
Date: April 4th 2014

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IEA Bioenergy, Task 37 – Overview
David Baxter, Task 37 Leader, European Commission Joint Research Center, The Netherlands

Feedstock Pretreatment
Günther Bochmann, IFA-Tulln, Austria

Small scale farm AD
Roald Sørheim, BioForsk, Norway

Gaseous Algal Biofuels
Jerry Murphy, University College Cork, Ireland

Green Gas Grids
Mathieu Dumont, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, The Netherlands

Task 37 Biogas South America (in Portuguese)
Cícero Jayme Bley Jr., Itaipu Binacional, Brazil

Renewable Energy Biogas Technologies

Location: Seoul, Korea;
Date: November 14th 2013

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Opening and Introduction to the Workshop (PDF 1970 KB)
Chair: Ho Kang, CNU, Task 37, Korea

IEA Bioenergy, Task 37 – Role and activities (PDF 1110 KB)
David Baxter, Task 37 Leader, European Commission Joint Research Center, The Netherlands

Anaerobic digestion of non-diluted food waste: Strategies for stable operation under high organic loading (PDF 760 KB)
Kim Dong Hoon, Clean Fuel Center, Korea Institute of Energy Research, Korea

The anaerobic digestion of food waste – technical issues and solutions (PDF 1200 KB)
Charles Banks, University of Southampton, UK

Current status of biogas upgrading buisness in South Korea (PDF 2705 KB)
Heo Nam Hyo, Samchully ES, Korea

Biogas upgrading – a technical review (PDF 390 KB)
Tobias Persson, Swedish Gas Technology Centre Ltd, Sweden

Biogas recovery from domestic wastewater with anaerobic membrane reactor (PDF 2280 KB)
Bae Jae Ho, INHA University, Korea

Future directions for AD (PDF 1970 KB)
Jukka Rintala, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Biogas Process Optimisation

Location: Bern, Switzerland;
Date: April 18th 2013

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Introduction to the Workshop (PDF 1970 KB)
Sandra Hermle, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Switzerland

IEA Bioenergy, Task 37 – Role and activities (PDF 1110 KB)
David Baxter, Task 37 Leader, European Commission Joint Research Center, The Netherlands

Biogas process monitoring – techniques and recommendations (PDF 760 KB)
Bernhard Drosg, IFA-Tulln – Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Austria

Optimisation by pre-treatments, additives and process engineering (PDF 1200 KB)
Rolf Warthmann, ZHAW Wädenswil, Switzerland

Grass digestion: operation and optimisation (PDF 2705 KB)
Jerry Murphy, University College Cork, Ireland

Membrane bioreactor (PDF 390 KB)
Jean-Louis Hersener, Ingenieurbüro Hersener, Switzerland

Two phase anaerobic digestion of organic solids (PDF 2280 KB)
Bernd Linke, Leibniz-Institut Potsdam-Bornim, Germany

Digestate processing (PDF 1970 KB)
Hans Engeli, Engeli Engineering, Switzerland

Energy from biogas as operating reserve (PDF 2370 KB)
Stefan Mutzner, Ökostrom Schweiz, Switzerland

Biomassezentrum Spiez (PDF 1860 KB)
Oberland Energie AG, Switzerland

IEA Bioenergy Conference 2012

Location: Vienna, Austria; 
Date: November 13th and 14th, 2012

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Future challenges for AD to deliver economically and environmentally sustainable fuel and bioenergy (PDF 1900 KB)
Charles Banks, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Availability and viability of small on-farm biogas plants 
(PDF 600 KB)
Nathalie Bachmann, EREP SA, Switzerland

Management of digestate quality for utilization as fertiliser (PDF 800 KB)
Teodorita Al Seadi, Managing Director BIOSANTECH, Denmark

Injecting biomethane into the grid (PDF 600 KB)
Anna Butenko, Johan Holstein, Maroeska Boots, DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, The Netherlands

Biomethane as a vehicle fuel made from upgraded biogas (PDF 700 KB)
Tobias Persson, Mattias Svensson, Swedish Gas Technology Centre, Sweden

Biogas in the Loop of Recycling

Location: Moss, Norway

Date: 19th April 2012

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Quality of digestate used as biofertiliser (PDF 1500 KB)
Teodorita Al Seadi, Managing Director BIOSANTECH, Denmark

Biogas and waste management in Norway (PDF 1900 KB)
Henrik Lystad, Assistant director Avfall Norge, Norway

Biogas Situation in the Netherlands (PDF 3600 KB)
Mathieu Dumont, NL Agency, The Netherlands

Quality management of digestate in Switzerland (PDF 950 KB)
Nathalie Bachmann, EREP SA, Switzerland

Cycle-Based Waste (PDF 890 KB)
Oystein Ihler, Marketing Director, Norway

Biogas and digestate in agriculture (PDF 1200 KB)
Tormod Briseid, Bioforsk, Norway

Biogas Production and Utilisation

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Date: 14th April 2011

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Task 37 Energy from Biogas: An Overview (PDF 1550 KB)
David Baxter, European Commission Joint Research Center, The Netherlands

Setting up biogas on a national level (PDF 1130 KB)
Teodorita Al Seadi, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Matching AD requirements to different feedstocks (PDF 3025 KB)
Charles Banks, Universitiy of Southampton, United Kingdom

Pre-treatment technologies for biogas production (PDF 362 KB)
Günther Bochmann, IFA-Tulln, Germany

Biogas from energy crop digestion (PDF 1615 KB)
Jerry Murphy, University College Cork, Ireland

Biogas for urban transport application (PDF 2625 KB)
Nuri Azbar, EGE University, Turkey

Learn from mistakes of experienced ones: project developement and engineering (PDF 969 KB)
Andreas Krieg, Akademie für Erneuerbare Energien, Germany

Economic and Social Effect of Farms Scale Biogas Plants in Rural Areas (PDF 1914 KB)
Özben Eröz, EGE University, Turkey

International Biogas Seminar Den Bosch

Location: Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Date: 4th November 2010

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Task 37 Energy from Biogas: A Brief Summary (PDF 550 KB)
David Baxter, European Commission Joint Research Center, The Netherlands

From residues to natural gas (PDF 1400 KB)
Suiker Unie, Project «Plant and Planet», The Netherlands

Biomethane feed-in and distribution: daily practice (PDF 1600 KB)
Albert van der Molen, Chairman «Project group biomethane», Netbeheer, The Netherlands

Swedish Biogas Approach for a Greener Transport Sector (PDF 1400 KB)
Dr. Anneli Petersson, Svenskt Gastekniskt Center AB, Sweden

Government policy in biogas (PDF 470 KB)
Erik Eijkelberg, The Netherlands

Biogasproduction in agriculture and manure policy (PDF 90 KB)
Erik Mulleneers, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, The Netherlands

Biogas (PDF 80 KB)
Esther Hardi, Alliander, Germany

Biogas and Natural Gas Grids - Problems and Regulations for the Grid Access (PDF 130 KB)
Dr. Gerrit Volk, German Federal Network for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway, Germany

Agriculture is part of the solution (PDF 770 KB)
Hans Huijbers, Chairman of the ZLTO, The Netherlands

The Green Injection - into the existing gas grid of Endinet or GTS (PDF 280 KB)
Henk Kluytmans, Manager Projecten & Engineering, Rick Donders, Asset Management, Endinet, The Netherlands

Biomethane Injection: Outlook from a grid controller perspective (PDF 190 KB)
Peter Beumers, Project Group «Groen Gras», Netbeheer, The Netherlands

Utilisation of digestate as fertiliser - a common pratice in Denmark (PDF 130 KB)
Teodorita Al Seadi, Principal Scientist, Denmark

Presentations of Workshop

«Digestate and biogas utilisation – practices and perspectives»,

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark; Date: 27th May 2010

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Digestate as fertiliser:

Biogas and slurry separation in Danish agriculture
(PDF 1500 KB)
Torkild Birkmose, Danish Agricultural Advisory Service, Aarhus, Denmark

Digestate use in Canada (PDF 600 KB)
Anna Crolla, Natural Resources Canada, Canada

Digestate use in the United Kingdom (PDF 280 KB)
Clare T. Lukehurst, United Kingdom

Biogas for grid injection:

Biogas to the natural gas grid (PDF 960 KB)
Torben K. Jensen, Danish Gas Technology Centre, Denmark

Overview of biogas upgrading (PDF 4400 KB)
Anneli Petersson, Swedish Gas Centre, Sweden

Experience with grid injection in Germany (PDF 400 KB)
Peter Weiland, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Germany

Using biogas for CHP and/or transportation purposes in the long run (PDF 1000 KB)
Soren Tafdrup, Danish Energy Agency, Denmark

Presentations of Workshop

«Biogas upgrading»,

Location: Vienna University of Technology, Austria 
Date: 8th October 2009

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Industrial Organic By-Products for local Energy Production (PDF 1990 KB)
Roland Kirchmayr, Austria

New Developments in Biogas Upgrading in Austria (PDF 3100 KB)
DI Dr. Michael Harasek; DI Aleksander Makaruk, Austria

Long term experince with Biogas Upgrading (PDF 3900 KB)
Dr. Anneli Petersson, Sweden

Biogas Upgrading from Themal Gasification (PDF 1100 KB)
Dr. Reinhard Rauch, Austria

Advances in Grid Injection (PDF 800 KB)
Paul Schoeberl, Austria

Status of Biogas Upgrading in Germany (PDF 700 KB)
P. Weiland, Germany

Biogas Upgrading – an Introduction (PDF 1900 KB)
Arthur Wellinger, Switzerland

Presentations of Seminar

«Biogas technology for sustainable bioenergy production»,

Location: Jyväskylän yliopisto, Agora Auditorio 1, Finland 
Date: 28th April 2009

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Biogas technology for sustainable bioenergy production (PDF 66 KB)
Pia Salokoski, Tekes, Finland

Biogas for sustainable future (PDF 1750 KB)
Arthur Wellinger, Nova Energie Ltd, Switzerland

Biogas in Finland (PDF 1050 KB)
Annimari Lehtomäki, Jyväskylä Innovation Ltd, Finland

Policies to promote biogas in EU (PDF 170 KB)
David Baxter, European Commission

Biogas in Germany (PDF 375 KB)
Peter Weiland, Federal Agricultur Research Centre, Saksa, Germany

Experience of large scale use of crops for biogas production (PDF 1340 KB)
Rudolf Braun, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria

Processing digestate to valuable products (PDF 2060 KB)
Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Developing the use of digestate in the UK
Clare Lukehurst, FBIAC, Iso-Britannia, UK

Biomethan as vehicle fuel (PDF 2930 KB)
Anneli Petersson, Swedish Gas Centre, Sweden

Biogas use and application – experiences and visions in the Netherlands (PDF 650 KB)
Mathieu Dumont, Senter Novem, The Netherlands

Presentations of Task 36 and 37

«Biofuels&Bioenergy – a Changing Climate»

Location: Vancouver, Canada 
Date: 23 - 26th August 2009

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Energy from waste, one step further (PDF 640 KB)
Timo Gerlagh, Netherlands

Residential Waste – an often overlooked bioenergy source (PDF 1750 KB)
Jürgen Vehlow, Germany

Process for Bio natural gas production from Forestry residue (PDF 770 KB)
Matt Babicki, Brian Sellars

Application of biomethane in private and public transport (PDF 2500 KB)
Arthur Wellinger, Switzerland

Modern technologies of biogas upgrading (PDF 3000 KB)
Anneli Petersson, Sweden

Ranking energy options for a district heating system in Vancouver (PDF 800 KB)
Taraneh Sowlati, Saeed Ghafghazi, Shahab Sokhansanj, Staffan Melin, Canada

European Union Policy Promoting Bioenergy (PDF 2300 KB)
David Baxter, Kyriakos Maniatis, EU Commission

Presentations from the Ludlow meeting

«Co-digestion for an optimized production of biogas and fertilizer»

Location: South Shropshire, Biowaste Digester, The Buisness Park, Ludlow, UK 
Date: 17th April 2008

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Workshop organisers

The workshop was organised as a joint session between the IEA Bioenergy Task 37 working group «Energy from Biogas and Landfill Gas» and «Probiogas UK»


Program (PDF 20 KB)


The contribution of AD in delivering renewable energy and the rôle of IEA Bioenergy Task 37 (PDF 2200 KB)
Arthur Wellinger, Nova Energie, Switzerland

Anaerobic Digestion: the UK Policy Framework (PDF 66 KB)
Jeremy Eppel, defra, UK

Impact of competition claims for food and energy on Germany biogas production (PDF 2500 KB)
Peter Weiland, Federal Research Institut for Rural Areas, Foresty and Fisheries, Germany

Results of 41 Co-digestion Digestion Plants in Austria (PDF 2200 KB)
Rudolf Braun and Roland Kirchmayr, IFA-Tulln, Austria


Co-digestion in Västeras and Kristianstad (PDF 4800 KB)
Anneli Petersson, SGC, Sweden

Ludlow Food Waste Digester (PDF 4100 KB)
Michael Chesshire, Greenfinch, UK

Developing a Quality Protocol for Anaerobic Digestion (PDF 940 KB)
Nina Sweet, wrap, UK

Digestate/biofertiliser in the UK (PDF 550 KB)
Clare T. Lukehurst, Probiogas, UK

Biogas and a Vehicle Fuel (PDF 1400 KB)
Tevor Fletcher, The Hardstaff Group, UK

Digestate utilisation and Management (PDF 2100 KB)
Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, sdu, Denmark

Abstracts & contributions Berlin

Abstracts and contributions from the workshop in Berlin 2007

«Biogas: Energy throughout the whole world»

Location: ICC, International Congress Center, Berlin, Germany
Date: 7 - 11th May 2007

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Workshop organisers

The workshop was organised as a joint session between the IEA Bioenergy Task 37 working group «Energy from Biogas and Landfill Gas» and the EU-funded 6th Framework project «Renewable Energy from Crops and Agrowastes» (CROPGEN – University of Southampton, UK)


Program (PDF 26 KB)


Energy efficiency in Energy Crop Digestion (PDF 40 KB)
Rudolf Braun and Michael Laaber, Austria

Optimized growth and preservation of energy crop (PDF 40 KB)
Katja Gödeke and Michaela Heiermann, Germany

Biogas to fuel: Merits and limits (PDF 45 KB)
Owe Jönsson, Sweden


Status of biogas production and application (PDF 1600 KB)
Charles Banks, University of Southamton United Kingdom

Energy Efficiency of Crop Digestion (PDF 3500 KB)
Rudolf Braun and Michael Laaber, Austria

Optimized growth and preservation of energy crop (PDF 550 KB)
Katja Gödeke and Michaela Heiermann, Germany

Optimized growth and preservation of energy crop (PDF 440 KB)
M. Heiermann, C. Herrmann, C. Idler and V. Scholz

Biogas to fuel: Merits and limits (PDF 460 KB)
Owe Jönsson, Sweden

Proceedings of the workshop in Utrecht

«Energy crops and biogas – Pathways to success?»

Location: Hoog Brabant Conference Center, 3511 CC Utrecht, The Netherlands
Date: September 22, 2005

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Workshop organisers

The workshop was organised as a joint session between the IEA Bioenergy Task 37 working group «Energy from Biogas and Landfill Gas» and the EU-funded 6th Framework project «Renewable Energy from Crops and Agrowastes» (CROPGEN – University of Southampton, UK)


Tropic 1: Identification and development of crops for energy production

Plant breeding potential to improve energy crops for the use in biogas plants (PDF 4800 KB)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Friedt
Justus Liebling University, Giessen

Swichtgrass and Miscanthus as Energy Crops – Agricultural alspects (PDF 2100 KB)
Dr. Wolter Elbersen
The Netherlands

Biodiversity impacts of enhanced energy crop production in 
EU framland areas
 (PDF 1270 KB)
Dr. Berien Elbersen
The Netherlands

Tropic 2: Biomass processing concepts, storages, pre- and post treatment, technologies and impacts

Results and bottle necks of energy crop digestion plants – required process technology innovations (PDF 484 KB)
Prof. Dr. Peter Weiland,
Federal Agricultural Research Center

preliminary results of biomass storing and pre-treatment (PDF 531 KB)
Prof. Dr. Jukka Rintala
Jyväskylä University

preliminary results from the agrioptigas project (PDF 6800 KB)
Dr. Ake Nordberg

experience with co-digestion of energy crops (PDF 3800 KB)
Ir. Hendrik Jan van Dooren
The Netherlands

Tropic 3: Overall energy balance of crop to biogas systems

energy balances of crop to biogas systems in relation to other biotransformations (PDF 3500 KB)
Dr. Andre Faaij,
Copernicus Inst. for Sustainable Development
The Netherlands

Energy analysis and environmental analysis of biogas systems (PDF 118 KB)
Dr. Pal Börjesson,
Departement of Technology and Society, Lund University

energetic use of biomass – competing or complementing technologies? (PDF 2300 KB)
Samuel Stucki
Paul Scherrer Institut

Tropic 4: Potential of integrated biogas systems

Possibilities of integrating bioenergy (biogas) generation into other biomass based production systems (PDF 2300 KB)
Prof. Dr. Johan Sanders
The Netherlands

biocascading – towards efficient biomass chains (PDF 186 KB)
Prof. Dr. Paul Struik
The Netherlands

predicted energy crop potentials for biogas –
worldwide, regions – EU 25
 (Word 806 KB)
Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen
Aalborg University

PDF Programme and presentations

Presentations of the Jyvaeskylae Seminar 
«Production and Use of Biogas»

(only PDF); 2004

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Programme (PDF 19 KB)

Production and Use of Biogas in Finland (PDF 400 KB)
Prof. Jukka Rintala 

Production and Use of Biogas - EU Regulations and Research (PDF 930 KB)
David Baxter
European Commission

Environmental Impact Assessment of the Biogas Plant (PDF 141 KB)
Dr. Juhani Suvilampi
Watrec Oy

Potential of Co-Digestion (PDF 190 KB)
Dr. Rudolf Braun

Biogas Plants in the Netherland (PDF 565 KB)
John Neeft
The Netherlands

Large Biogas Plants in Denmark (PDF 875 KB
Anne Seth Madsen

Small-scale Co-Digestion Plant in Laihia, Finland (PDF 490 KB)
Martti Jormanainen