Digestate and biogas utilisation – practices and perspectives

27 May, 2010
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Task 37


Digestate as fertiliser:


Biogas and slurry separation in Danish agriculture
(PDF 1500 KB)
Torkild Birkmose, Danish Agricultural Advisory Service, Aarhus, Denmark


Digestate use in Canada (PDF 600 KB)
Anna Crolla, Natural Resources Canada, Canada


Digestate use in the United Kingdom (PDF 280 KB)
Clare T. Lukehurst, United Kingdom


Biogas for grid injection:


Biogas to the natural gas grid (PDF 960 KB)
Torben K. Jensen, Danish Gas Technology Centre, Denmark


Overview of biogas upgrading (PDF 4400 KB)
Anneli Petersson, Swedish Gas Centre, Sweden


Experience with grid injection in Germany (PDF 400 KB)
Peter Weiland, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Germany


Using biogas for CHP and/or transportation purposes in the long run (PDF 1000 KB)
Soren Tafdrup, Danish Energy Agency, Denmark