Production and Use of Biogas

09 Sep, 2004
Location: Jyväskylä pavilion, Auditorium, Wolmar hall, Jyväskylä, Finland
Task 37


Programme (PDF 19 KB)


Production and Use of Biogas in Finland (PDF 400 KB)
Prof. Jukka Rintala


Production and Use of Biogas – EU Regulations and Research (PDF 930 KB)
David Baxter
European Commission


Environmental Impact Assessment of the Biogas Plant (PDF 141 KB)
Dr. Juhani Suvilampi
Watrec Oy


Potential of Co-Digestion (PDF 190 KB)
Dr. Rudolf Braun


Upgrading and Use of Biogas as Fuel of Motor Vehicles (PDF 365 KB)
Owe Joensson


Biogas Plants in the Netherland (PDF 565 KB)
John Neeft
The Netherlands


Large Biogas Plants in Denmark (PDF 875 KB
Anne Seth Madsen


Small-scale Co-Digestion Plant in Laihia, Finland (PDF 490 KB)
Martti Jormanainen