Biofuels&Bioenergy – a Changing Climate

23 Aug, 2009 - 26 Aug, 2009
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Task 37



Energy from waste, one step further (PDF 640 KB)
Timo Gerlagh, Netherlands


Residential Waste – an often overlooked bioenergy source (PDF 1750 KB)
Jürgen Vehlow, Germany


Process for Bio natural gas production from Forestry residue (PDF 770 KB)
Matt Babicki, Brian Sellars


Application of biomethane in private and public transport (PDF 2500 KB)
Arthur Wellinger, Switzerland


Modern technologies of biogas upgrading (PDF 3000 KB)
Anneli Petersson, Sweden


Ranking energy options for a district heating system in Vancouver (PDF 800 KB)
Taraneh Sowlati, Saeed Ghafghazi, Shahab Sokhansanj, Staffan Melin, Canada


European Union Policy Promoting Bioenergy (PDF 2300 KB)
David Baxter, Kyriakos Maniatis, EU Commission