Biogas upgrading

08 Oct, 2009
Location: Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Task 37


Industrial Organic By-Products for local Energy Production (PDF 1990 KB)
Roland Kirchmayr, Austria


New Developments in Biogas Upgrading in Austria (PDF 3100 KB)
DI Dr. Michael Harasek; DI Aleksander Makaruk, Austria


Long term experince with Biogas Upgrading (PDF 3900 KB)
Dr. Anneli Petersson, Sweden


Biogas Upgrading from Themal Gasification (PDF 1100 KB)
Dr. Reinhard Rauch, Austria


Advances in Grid Injection (PDF 800 KB)
Paul Schoeberl, Austria


Status of Biogas Upgrading in Germany (PDF 700 KB)
P. Weiland, Germany


Biogas Upgrading – an Introduction (PDF 1900 KB)
Arthur Wellinger, Switzerland