Biogas Production and Utilisation

14 Apr, 2011
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Task 37


Task 37 Energy from Biogas: An Overview (PDF 1550 KB)
David Baxter, European Commission Joint Research Center, The Netherlands


Setting up biogas on a national level (PDF 1130 KB)
Teodorita Al Seadi, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark


Matching AD requirements to different feedstocks (PDF 3025 KB)
Charles Banks, Universitiy of Southampton, United Kingdom


Pre-treatment technologies for biogas production (PDF 362 KB)
Günther Bochmann, IFA-Tulln, Germany


Biogas from energy crop digestion (PDF 1615 KB)
Jerry Murphy, University College Cork, Ireland


Biogas for urban transport application (PDF 2625 KB)
Nuri Azbar, EGE University, Turkey


Learn from mistakes of experienced ones: project developement and engineering (PDF 969 KB)
Andreas Krieg, Akademie für Erneuerbare Energien, Germany


Economic and Social Effect of Farms Scale Biogas Plants in Rural Areas (PDF 1914 KB)
Özben Eröz, EGE University, Turkey