Energy crops and biogas – Pathways to success?

22 Sep, 2005
Location: Hoog Brabant Conference Center, 3511 CC Utrecht, The Netherlands
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The workshop was organised as a joint session between the IEA Bioenergy Task 37 working group «Energy from Biogas and Landfill Gas» and the EU-funded 6th Framework project «Renewable Energy from Crops and Agrowastes» (CROPGEN – University of Southampton, UK)



Topic 1: Identification and development of crops for energy production


Plant breeding potential to improve energy crops for the use in biogas plants (PDF 4800 KB)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Friedt
Justus Liebling University, Giessen


Swichtgrass and Miscanthus as Energy Crops – Agricultural alspects (PDF 2100 KB)
Dr. Wolter Elbersen
The Netherlands


Biodiversity impacts of enhanced energy crop production in
EU framland areas
 (PDF 1270 KB)
Dr. Berien Elbersen
The Netherlands


Topic 2: Biomass processing concepts, storages, pre- and post treatment, technologies and impacts


Results and bottle necks of energy crop digestion plants – required process technology innovations (PDF 484 KB)
Prof. Dr. Peter Weiland,
Federal Agricultural Research Center


Preliminary results of biomass storing and pre-treatment (PDF 531 KB)
Prof. Dr. Jukka Rintala
Jyväskylä University


Preliminary results from the agrioptigas project (PDF 6800 KB)
Dr. Ake Nordberg


Experience with co-digestion of energy crops (PDF 3800 KB)
Ir. Hendrik Jan van Dooren
The Netherlands


Topic 3: Overall energy balance of crop to biogas systems


Energy balances of crop to biogas systems in relation to other biotransformations (PDF 3500 KB)
Dr. Andre Faaij,
Copernicus Inst. for Sustainable Development
The Netherlands


Energy analysis and environmental analysis of biogas systems (PDF 118 KB)
Dr. Pal Börjesson,
Departement of Technology and Society, Lund University


Energetic use of biomass – competing or complementing technologies? (PDF 2300 KB)
Samuel Stucki
Paul Scherrer Institut


Topic 4: Potential of integrated biogas systems


Possibilities of integrating bioenergy (biogas) generation into other biomass based production systems (PDF 2300 KB)
Prof. Dr. Johan Sanders
The Netherlands


Biocascading – towards efficient biomass chains (PDF 186 KB)
Prof. Dr. Paul Struik
The Netherlands


Predicted energy crop potentials for biogas –
worldwide, regions – EU 25
 (Word 806 KB)
Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen
Aalborg University